Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist

Storefront Art Installation

ROLE: Creative Direction
DESC.: Light-Art Installation
CODE SUPPORT: Travis St.Denis

Looking to bridge digital animation skills with the physical I created a hypnotic light-art installation for Zane‘s Queen West retail location.

Inspired by the work of artists like Dan Flavin and James Turrell, the piece adds depth to color and plays with the viewer’s perspective as they pass by.

Zane's Storefront Installation GIF Wide 650


insta black@_joshingleby on Instagram

The triangles are constructed of laser-cut acrylic and fitted with custom arduino electronics which playback a series of captivating animations. Thanks to SteamLabs & InterAccess for the local workshop resources.

Arduino CU

Zane Storefront InstallationZane Pitch


Concept Art + Daytime Exterior:


3D Print Keyboard Cap


Replacement Battery Cap for Apple’s A1255 keyboard.

I tried contacting apple by phone and in-store to have this piece replaced but unfortunately that is not an option. Available for free on Shapeways and Thingiverse.

In all fairness, this is just a basic blob of plastic. That said, I post this because it’s a step away from our tendencies to simply replace items as one small part fails (or goes missing in this case). As 3D printing becomes more accessible, it will become easier to share ideas and now hardware to solve simple problems and reduce our impact on the environment.

If printed in plastic, copper tape (or possibly tin foil) would be required to make contact with the batteries. A second model has been created for printers with dual-plastic abilities and access to conductive plastics.

Apple A1255 Keyboard 3D print with copper tape

2 Material Piece Alt

GoPro Lens Hood Print

ROLE: 3D Model & 3D Print
DESC.: Fabrication

CLIENT: RTG (Real Time Graphics)
PROJECT: World Series of Poker

3D Print Render -- Close up
Custom Lens Hood 3D Print - Wide

At The World Series of Poker ESPN events, a series of GoPro cameras are built into the table to capture a player’s cards and display them to the audience.

RTG required custom lens hoods for these camera’s to eliminate the lens flares from the studio lights.
Together, we created a simple, clean, lens hood prototype for their live event.



ROLE: Title Design & FX
DESC.: Digital Content

AGENCY: The Hive
CLIENT: Jack Daniels
CD: Simon Creet
EXEC. PROD.: Michelle Rich [PosterBoy]
COPY: Meghan Kraemer
EDIT: Redrick Barbaza @ PosterBoy Edit

I was contacted by PosterBoy to help devise the gritty rock ‘n roll look associated with the JD brand and create titles. Since the brand’s existing look is strongly defined, the objectives were clear: artistically interpret the end goal and have it created, revised and approved by agency + client in 3 days.

Below is a comparison of the offline edit and the final output:

Note that the end frame layout was provided by the agency.



ROLE: 3D Motion Design + Animation Direction
DESC.: Broadcast TV

AGENCY: The Hive
PRODUCER: Sumit Ajwani
ART DIRECTOR: Brad Van Schaik
COPY: Klint Davies
EDITOR: Aaron Dark @ School Editing
ONLINE: Paul Binney @ School Editing

OLG needed an animation for an upcoming TV spot that made their Pools game clear and familiar. A minimalistic environment helped familiarize the audience with the look of the game, while a subtle animation on the sports logo grabbed the audiences attention to see it in a new way.

I was fortunate to have been awarded the project despite pitching alongside other great Toronto studios. As always, it was a pleasure to work with School Editing and The Hive.

[15s cut-down from original 30s spot] (more…)

Dead Astronauts: Music Video Teaser

ROLE: Motion + 3D Artist
CONCEPT / CREATIVE: Jared Nickerson + Josh Ingleby
MUSIC: Dead Astronauts  –  “Favorite Lover”
TYPOGRAPHY: Filip Komorowski + Jthree Concepts


Business Card: Making Of

With only one week away from SXSW I felt obliged to create a business card for myself.  After what had been 2 years without a card, setting a short term deadline was the only way it’d get done.

I’ve been walking through a lot of alleys lately hoping to inspire a small project. Their significance grew as I realized that Manhattan barely had any alleys, creating even more appeal for Toronto’s urban landscape.

The video below outlines a breakdown of the process:


Foursquare Fourcam

ROLE: Concept + Director + Editor
DESC.: Event Video

April 16th is the official anniversary for the mobile app Foursquare. More than 15 cities celebrated the mobile location based “check-in” app by throwing their own “Foursquare Day” events to celebrate local business.

This year’s 2nd annual Foursquare Day in Toronto was a great success with sponsors donating everything from autographed Tim Burton books (TIFF) to phone cases for every patron (iSkin). Even our (usually) pathetic mayor (Rob Ford) acknowledged the date with a signed letter from his office.

I documented this event with a home-made camera system that appropriately reflected the client and medium that Foursquare users embrace: the smartphone.

Rationale: 4 Squares, Mobile technology, 4 Camera phones. (enough said, no?)

Making Of: