Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist

Google Streetview

ROLE: 3D Modelling, Texturing
DESC.: Interactive

CLIENT: Lux / Sakura
CD: Adrian Belina
PRODUCER: Greg Benedetto

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I was hired by JAM3 to create Cherry Blossom tree models & work with their developers to determine the workflow and implement the models.

The site’s release was for a Japanese client and timed with the annual blossoming — highly regarded in Japanese culture. Thanks to Jam3’s efforts, Sakura was featured on many major sites including FastCo and PSFK.

The site used the user’s current geo-location and lined google streetview images with an colourful world of Cherry Blossom trees.



Space Invader

I was in Paris last week attending OFFF (International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture) and saw some of Space Invader’s art for the first time in person.  Since street art lives most of it’s life online these days it was really nice to see it in real life.

Wooster Collective is an online group that showcases street art from around the world.  They were at OFFF with a great presentation full of pieces I’d never seen–appropriately including Paris native Space Invader.

[image courtesy of wooster collective]

I knew Space Invader’s art was in a bunch of cities (apparently including the Forbidden City in China), but what i didn’t realize is that where he places them makes one large space invader from above.  Wooster just posted about San Diego’s space invader and a “Viva la Revolucion” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego.  Be sure to check out Wooster Collective’s site and if you’re nearby SD the exhibition as well.