Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist

Dead Astronauts: Music Video Teaser

ROLE: Motion + 3D Artist
CONCEPT / CREATIVE: Jared Nickerson + Josh Ingleby
MUSIC: Dead Astronauts  –  “Favorite Lover”
TYPOGRAPHY: Filip Komorowski + Jthree Concepts


Create a visually intriguing short animated video to use as a promotional tool for the band’s first single release “Favorite Lover”.


When I was introduced to Jared earlier this summer, he was lit up having just received several remixes from producers for music Hayley Stewart and himself had written almost a year earlier.   I was aware of his work through his site bloodsweatvector and having been the artist behind several of my girlfriend’s tattoos, but this was the first time getting to work together.  Jared’s energy was in the right places to make taking on this collaboration a given.


I’d explored several options before landing on the look we ended up with.  I set out looking to create something that visualized the sounds of the song.  Something where you could watch the bass beats hit and the vocals rumble.  I’ve found that this is a reoccuring approach i keep striving for in multiple projects, but commonly end up incorporating it in only small portions, or entirely changing directions.

With that in mind, I initially went for this approach (below) where the blocks would light up, and would rotate to reveal a world of crystals on the opposite side.    Although the clip below is quite rough (no camera move, lighting, crystal world, etc), we scrapped it early on as we knew it was lacking a hero figure and the passive ambient look wasn’t what we were going for.

Moving on I explored some rough crystal ideas using Cinema 4D’s sketch + toon toolset.  The crystals were something Jared had already used in Dead Astronauts branding so it made sense to explore this element as the key component which created the world of Dead Astronauts.  The video below (again, very early stages) showcases a couple early crystal looks before the story was figured out:

Collaborating with a visually creative professional on a non client oriented piece is a welcomed change of pace.  If you’re not familiar with Jared’s work (and have read this far), definitely look check out his work on behance here.


Dead Astronaut’s Facebook Page
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