Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist

Finance It

ROLE: Director + Motion-Design
DESC.: Brand Video

CLIENT: FinanceIt
COO: Casper Wong
ART DIRECTOR: Anthony Watts
PRODUCER: Alex Commons
AUDIO MIX: Cylinder Sound

FinanceIt needed a video to express the simplicity of their services and engage business owners to sign up. I worked closely with their team to develop a story that would do just that.

The result is something I am quite happy with. It was a pleasure working with the team and a welcomed change of pace working direct-to-client. Here is the final outcome:

Thanks to Brad Nelson @ Cylinder Sound, and the team at CommunityLend.


Having completed plenty of brand videos prior, I find them too easy to glaze over the flashy objects flying around the screen. Consequently, we chose a character based approach and I worked with FI’s graphic designer to develop the low-poly look. This approach (character animation) was a new challenge to overcome.

After a meeting or two to realize the client’s business objectives, I wrote a loose script and compiled some sketches into an early animatic:

Below are sketches I provided which outlined the company’s “Home-Reno” vertical…of which we went with the middle-right option:

FinanceIt Home Renos Visuals

Moving along, i provided visual references for a low-poly look to FI’s designer. FI replied with the following initial sketches…to which I interpreted in 3D:

FinanceIt Comparison


FinanceIt Brand Video Still 2 FinanceIt Brand Video Still 1 FinanceIt Brand Video Still 3 FinanceIt Brand Video Still 4


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