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Business Card: Making Of

With only one week away from SXSW I felt obliged to create a business card for myself.  After what had been 2 years without a card, setting a short term deadline was the only way it’d get done.

I’ve been walking through a lot of alleys lately hoping to inspire a small project. Their significance grew as I realized that Manhattan barely had any alleys, creating even more appeal for Toronto’s urban landscape.

The video below outlines a breakdown of the process:

Thanks to Craig Small at The Juggernaut for the laser cutter and experimenting with a variety of materials to cut out the letters.  As well, Michael Sheedy for his real-world kerning skills, and of course my amazing girlfriend for putting up with the 2 cans of spray paint released into our apartment.

A series of textures shot in the alley behind my place for the titles:

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