Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist

Halcyon VR Series

ROLE: Treatment & 3D Animation
DESC.: VR + Traditional Series

AGENCY: Secret Location
CD + Team: Stefan Grambart, Stephen Bosco
EXEC. PRODUCERS: James Milward, Noora Abu Eitah, Eric Shamlin
PRODUCERS:  Sabrina Saccoccio, Michala Duffield, Chris Bennet

Halcyon is a science fiction crime series composed of episodes in VR and standard 2D formats. Set in the future, forensic investigators rebuild a crime scene from data trails our digital footprints leave behind. Throughout the series the investigators revisit a loading room where a holographic reconstruction of the crime is relived and reviewed. I was hired to help realize the look and treatment of this room.

Episode Clip:

A UI asset library was designed for various applications in both the 2D and VR experience.

Halcyon UI-elements

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