Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist


ROLE: Title Design & FX
DESC.: Digital Content

AGENCY: The Hive
CLIENT: Jack Daniels
CD: Simon Creet
EXEC. PROD.: Michelle Rich [PosterBoy]
COPY: Meghan Kraemer
EDIT: Redrick Barbaza @ PosterBoy Edit

I was contacted by PosterBoy to help devise the gritty rock ‘n roll look associated with the JD brand and create titles. Since the brand’s existing look is strongly defined, the objectives were clear: artistically interpret the end goal and have it created, revised and approved by agency + client in 3 days.

Below is a comparison of the offline edit and the final output:

Note that the end frame layout was provided by the agency.


I also created some dirty overlays to share for other editors. Set blending/transfer mode to screen or overlay.
Note that any artwork provided by the agency was replaced to make this Creative Commons friendly.

Download here.

Creative Commons License Overlay file above is licensed under Creative Commons.

Please feel free to use this in both personal and commercial work.

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