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3D / Motion Artist

Paper Experiment

I tend to get a little obsessed about the projects I’m working on and begin to buy and position myself around any and all objects that loosely relate to it. I enjoy the idea of ‘living the project’ and feel good allowing the creative part of my work flow into the daily purchases and decisions.

My latest purchase of a crumpled paper trash can ties in with the copius amounts of crumpled newsprint i’ve been photographing for an audio driven stop motion experiment.

Link to Store

Another 2 weeks of exploring animation possibilities and i should be done…JUST in time for my trip to Cuba (hence the music in the vids). ┬áHere’s a peek:

2 Responses to “Paper Experiment”

  1. cheryl says:

    aaand, there’s a glass of scotch for good measure :)

  2. jingles says:

    scotch makes things happen.

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