Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist

Google Streetview

ROLE: 3D Modelling, Texturing
DESC.: Interactive

CLIENT: Lux / Sakura
CD: Adrian Belina
PRODUCER: Greg Benedetto

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I was hired by JAM3 to create Cherry Blossom tree models & work with their developers to determine the workflow and implement the models.

The site’s release was for a Japanese client and timed with the annual blossoming — highly regarded in Japanese culture. Thanks to Jam3’s efforts, Sakura was featured on many major sites including FastCo and PSFK.

The site used the user’s current geo-location and lined google streetview images with an colourful world of Cherry Blossom trees.


Tree Variations & Modelling Process:

The primary goal was to create a realistic tree with the least amount of polygons — since the site will become choppy as more polys are required. Ideally a realistic tree would be modeled with 50k – 200k polys. We balanced realistic looks and technical requirements and built most with only 3k-6k polys.

Scale ComparisonTree-v8b

Falling Petal Asset:LeafPetal-loop

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