Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist


ROLE: Motion Designer + 3D Artist
DESC.: 3 x 15s Spots (E+F)
AGENCY: Zulu Alpha Kilo
CLIENT: VitaminWater


Despite being created over a 2.5 week timeline, the major challenge beyond scheduling was ensuring the colours of the VitaminWater liquid and labels were on par with brand standards while keeping render times down to less than 1 minute per frame.  It’s easy to promise the world with a stunning still frame, but ensuring you can deliver the HD version (450 frames  = 450 mins) without the support of an animation studio’s render farm can be challenging. Cloud Computing Rendering made this spot possible.


To overcome this issue I  utilized Amazon’s Cloud Computing services (EC2) for the first time after having spent lots of R&D determining how to include this a part of my workflow.  EC2 is an industrial/technical service through Amazon which allows users to turn computers on elsewhere in the world and utilize their power at an hourly rate.

Cloud Computing rendering isn’t brand new, but the current companies that offer services are at a rate that isn’t ideal for freelance individuals.  Amazon’s EC2 service opens up a world of opportunities for the individual as they now have the ability to compete head to head with Studios…something previously not possible since the cost of hardware is too expensive to own.

To perfect the ‘look’, Finlay Patterson (3D Artist / Product Designer) was brought on board to develop/ensure it was on target and render friendly.  Finlay’s currently working with an impressive diverse collective of individuals at the design studio Metatecture.  Definitely check out their work.


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