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3D / Motion Artist

Wolf Reserve

It always feels good getting out of the city and into the woods. This past weekend i got the opportunity to see a pack of wolves that live on a reserve in northern Ontario.

Watch the tail of the wolf that is pressured by the Alpha (black)…he’s the Omega in the pack. Although much larger than the Alpha wolf, he unfortunately is very likely to be killed by the rest of the pack when they get fed up with him.

Motion Stabilized in After Effects
Colored in Apple Color
Music by American Dollar
Camera Panasonic LX3

Haliburton Wolf Reservel

3 Responses to “Wolf Reserve”

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  2. mph says:

    Spent some time at the same reserve, we got to see them eat a moose carcass:

  3. Josh says:

    Amazing! Not sure if it was the cold day or the lack of moose carcas, but they barely moved the entire time we were there.

    Thanks for sharing your vid!

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