Josh Ingleby

3D / Motion Artist

Storefront Art Installation

ROLE: Creative Direction
DESC.: Light-Art Installation
CODE SUPPORT: Travis St.Denis

Looking to bridge digital animation skills with the physical I created a hypnotic light-art installation for Zane‘s Queen West retail location.

Inspired by the work of artists like Dan Flavin and James Turrell, the piece adds depth to color and plays with the viewer’s perspective as they pass by.

Zane's Storefront Installation GIF Wide 650


insta black@_joshingleby on Instagram

The triangles are constructed of laser-cut acrylic and fitted with custom arduino electronics which playback a series of captivating animations. Thanks to SteamLabs & InterAccess for the local workshop resources.

Arduino CU

Zane Storefront InstallationZane Pitch


Concept Art + Daytime Exterior:


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